Criminal Background Tests

The Abacus Background Check is done in collaboration with the SAPS and allows you to choose a location, date, and time that is most convenient for your candidate to have your employees or prospective employees prints captured.

How it works.

We schedule a date and capture all the required information needed to obtain a result from the SAPS Criminal Database.

Step One 

Fill in the application form on this page with all the required info to request a session indication the number of persons to be tested.

Step Two

A representative from Abacus will contact you to confirm your details and give a quote based on the number of persons to be screened. 

Step Three

Your candidate will be sent the details they need to complete the process. We will set a screening date where all the candidates will need to be available in person with a certified ID copy.

Step 4 

Obtain the results from the SAPS Criminal Database per individual.

For more information on this service please contact us on 042 293 1445


criminal background tests

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