Work4all is a database management tool that focus on giving jobseekers access to work/job opportunities and organisations the ability to quickly recruit verified jobseekers and  track and manage current jobs within an organisation.

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Benefits to Employers

  • Keep track of employed and unemployed jobseekers on your database.
  • Easily search workers/jobseekers according to verified/ not verified, references, reviews, training, experience, skill, area etc.
  • Provide access to the database by external employers or different departments within your organisation. 
  • Secure access to multiple users via administrative levels. User, Admin, Super admin.
  • Provide reports on registered workers, work dates, details etc.
  • Provide reports on employment opportunities, type and length of employment etc.
  • Database is kept live by recruiters and frequent bulk notifications or sms. Change of cell number of does not affect system.
  • Verication level by Admin of all new workers to verify photo, ID, document validity and references. 
  • Verification of worker /jobseeker details eg. Criminal Record and Valid South African ID (Optional)
  • Daily backups to offsite server.
  • Service provider module can also be added for small business e.g. Plumbers, Painters, Builders. Can add minimum required documentation to register e.g. CIPC, BEE Certificate or Training/Trade Test Certificate 
  • Immediate access to live system. Access to system includes free training (8 hours)
  • System keeps track with minimum wage per industry. Compulsory terms and conditions limits liability to Administrator/Clients.

Benefits to employees

  • Registrations and booking is free at no cost to jobseeker.
  • Access to various employment opportunities in immediate area. All registered employers can see jobseeker or service provider profile according to verified/not verified, industry, skills, training/experience minimum required documentation e.g. driver license, references and reviews.
  • Registration is paperless and can take place anywhere via smartphone or online.
  • Access to various recruitment centres (Only in certain areas).
  • Upload and changes to details or expired certificates can be done remotely on any smartphone or online
  • Receive bookings for work via sms and push notification directly from employers. Do not need smart phone to receive bookings as sms is sent.
  • Secure login and update of information via app or online
  • Receive reminders of expiration dates of licenses e.g. drivers license.

How does it work

Administrative access

  • System is set up to allow for secure administratrive access via username and password. Can allow for multiple users in one area /organisation
  • User acces is determined according to industry and area. All new registered jobseekers or employers will send an e-mail to administrator.
  • E-mail will link to profile of jobseeker employer to verify photo, ID, References, and documentation e.g. driver license.
  • Super admin can verify ID and Criminal Record (Optional).
  • Once checked and verified profile wil automatically move from not verified to verified.
  • Administrator has access to dash bord for new workers/service providers and employers, bookings etc.
  •  Send push notifications individually or in bulk.

Employer  and Jobseeker Access

  • Download the work4all app from the Google Play store or click    
  • Register with the required photo, ID contact details and compulsory documents.
  • Search for jobseekers ( Employers) and accept bookings (Jobseekers/Service Providers) 



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